Questions and Answers about Dental Implants

Q: Is the procedure painful?
A: No, completely pain free as its performed under local anaesthetic.

Q: Will I have pain after the procedure?
A: Usually very little. Any pain you do have can easily be managed with light painkillers for a day or two after surgery.

Q: Should I expect swelling after treatment?

A: Yes, some. For this reason we recommend applying an icepack for a few hours after the operation.

Q: Can I go to work?
A: In principle yes, though a day or two's rest is recommended.

Q: Is it always possible to have an implant?
A: In 95% of cases yes. Sometimes preparatory treatment is required, such as bone thickening, raising the floor of the antrum or an adjustment to the soft tissue.

Q: Are there age limits?
A: You must have stopped growing, so be over the age of 18.

Q: I have a chronic illness, can I get an implant despite this?
A: This must be discussed with the oral surgeon and is decided on a case to case basis. It is only very rarely not to be recommended.

Q: I have osteoporosis, would you recommend against having an implant?
A: No, what counts is the quality of the bone at the implant site. If it is of poor quality (quality 4) the implant needs a longer healing period without being put under strain.
If you take diphosphonates, in consultation with us and your family doctor you should stop taking them as a precautionary measure 4 months prior to the planned implant.

Q: How long does it take before the tooth gets fitted to my implant?
A: The waiting time is getting shorter all the time. In routine cases we recommend 6 weeks.

Q: In this time do I have to go around without a tooth?
A: No, when the gap is in a visible position the dentist will fit you with a provisional tooth.

Q: Can I wear my removable denture over the inserted implant?
A. Yes. It will be ground to fit the implant site.

Q: Acquaintances have told me of rejection issues?
A: The implant is made of titanium, a very highly compatible bio-tolerant material. If for any reason the implant doesn't heal, the cause usually lies somewhere else.

Q: What guarantees do I have?
A: Worldwide statistics show that after 10 years 98% of implants are still in place and fully functioning.

Q: What are the risks?
A: The risks are the same as those of any small surgical operation. If the operation is well planned and performed by an experienced oral surgeon they are very low.

Q: Is implant treatment very expensive?
A: You will be astonished, a prosthetic solution involving implants is often not only better, but also cheaper than a conventional solution involving bridges and dentures. In all cases you will receive a detailed treatment and cost plan from us.

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