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Removable Prostheses

Removable Partial Denture

If some teeth are still present a removable prosthesis can be made and attached to the remaining teeth with individually moulded clasps. The hold is usually excellent, though aesthetically not entirely satisfactory due to the visibility of the clasps. Further disadvantages that must be mentioned are the high levels of strain placed on the abutment teeth, progressive bone loss, difficult hygiene and the dentures taking getting used to.

Removable Partial Denture with Attachments

In order to hide the clasps, the abutment teeth are crowned. The crowns have precision attachments built in to them which are mirrored in the removable prosthesis. This provides better retention and an improved aesthetic appearance, though otherwise, the same applies as above.

Complete Denture

Is used when no teeth are present in the jaw. The hold of the denture, especially in the lower jaw is not ideal, and becomes worse over time due to jaw shrinkage. Aesthetically they look very good, are made without any discomfort to the patient, and are very affordable.

Hybrid Prostheses

This refers to removable dentures on supporting elements. These supporting elements can be on crowns (with attachments, telescopic crowns or bars) or - as increasingly common these days - be built on implants. The most innovative methodology in this area uses locators or bars to ensure a great level of stability for the prosthesis. Patients report of sensational improvements to their quality of life.

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